Life is all about deciding our future and destiny.

The time when we became responsible enough to take our own decisions our parents or guardians very happily delegated this chore to us.
Whenever something good happens or few of our decisions culminate successfully we always tend to think it was the right choices & decisions which we made in life because of which we were successful. But what we generally cannot see is that these decisions which we made in life were just steps towards the larger picture of destiny.
It is like, we are just playing our parts by taking decisions and these decisions are episodes in the final act, which is the destiny.
God has somewhere decided and planned our destiny; we just keep plying our roles. The people we meet in our lives for a short or a long period of time is all pre decided by our cycle of karma.
Another important governing factor to this is the energy we emit; we tend to attract people with the same energy. If we are positive towards life in general and all are actions are governed by positiveness then we attract all positive people. Then we finally end up saying “I was really lucky in life, I always met the right people at the right time.” Whereas on the flip side when we are totally negative towards everything in life our each action emits negativity then we tend to push away whatever little positivity which tries to enter our lives. And then we result in saying how unlucky we have been in life till date and nothing good happens to me etc. But, never do we actually introspect and make conscious efforts to change our attitude & energy towards each aspect of our life.
By now you should be aware that you are the sole performer in moulding & designing your destiny. Now it depends upon your selection of the kind of people you would want to attract & add to the path of your life.
So go ahead and start introspecting and exploring.
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