Impression” quite an impressive word when we think since our childhood times
Let us go through the entire journey of impression which we form since childhood till the time we realize what impressions are all about.
When we are children we get impressed by one of the child from the peer group, who is supposedly the wealthiest in terms of colourful stationery, chocolates, sweets, toys etc. We, as children, get so highly impressed by that kid and unknowingly he becomes the “hero” in our eyes and that’s the first impression of that person which we carry with us.
Then as we grow a little older, we reach the fifth grade. Then amongst the teachers, the one who is the most friendly, sweet looking, pays quite a lot of attention to every activity of ours becomes the most impressionable teacher. Her impression gets us carried away to such an extent that we sometimes want our mothers to be like them too.
Adolescence is actually quoted as the “most impressionable age in a child’s life”. This is the time when we become much more aware in regards to the opposite gender. This is the time when a number of people can leave a number of impressions on us and which we blindly love to follow or start idol worshiping the same. It’s the tender age and not our fault then. Then the best looking boy around, who can also speak well and is aware about impressing girls is the most impressive one in comparison to the others. We fall for such people very easily and fondly too.
After this age, there is a break on this journey of forming impressions till the time we enter college. Do you remember your impression about a professor in college? Usually we all do. In college the professors who probably do not even realize that they are falling prey to all these impression realities. They just have to be knowledgeable and smart on their subject, that’s about it. We all get impressed by such professors and suddenly start taking keen interest in his subject.  Also in some cases, students use to shift or change sections for professors, that use to be a bit too much, if I come to  think of it now.
Then we hit the most crucial part of our lives the corporate world, where we meet a number of people as colleagues and have a number of bosses. But I guess even bosses do make a mark in our lives.
I took you all through the entire journey of impressions as to make everyone realize something so obvious yet not clear. All these people since childhood, who made or created some impact on us, who were impressive enough, yet they did not have an ever lasting impression. Do we remember each one of them, or maybe even one of them every single day or in every single moment of our lives? I guess we do not, as they haven’t been so impressive as a matter of fact.
But there is someone whom we do remember every single day and in every single moment of our lives. It’s the Supreme power, the Divine God, who was so impressive on us that we cannot alienate the impression. This is something which is embedded in us very deep for us to realize so easily. His impression is the guidance we receive in our everyday lives. We cannot separate ourselves from it. We probably never realize the depth and the vastness of this impression but keep banking upon it as well as demanding wishes whenever we are in times of need. 
Salute Him for this ever lasting impression on us!

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