Tarot Card reading is a modality which has been around since 500 years from now. Frankly, since few years this has really come to focus and has become quite popular amongst youngsters as well as mid aged people. The trust over this modality has also seen a huge change.

Tarot completely works on the basis of the vibrations of a person plus the karmic investment done by him all his life.

Hence a number of myths also come along in the picture, I would like to highlight these myths so that we can explore Tarot in it’s best enjoyable way.

  1. Tarot is mysterious & complex. When we google or if we do visit these fairs/carnivals there you would find women in Bohemian clothes with funky hairstyles, extra long painted nails, loud and dark makeup on their faces but that doesn’t mean that each Tarot card Reader is like that.

    REALITY : People, the common man, normal office goers, students, house wives, business owners/ entrepreneurs all read Tarot cards. They are as normal and simple as you. You do not have to keep long nails or wear loud makeup. “Tarot is a way of life which can be as easy and simple as we breathe each breath.” Anyone can read cards, even YOU.
  2. Only psychics can read cards. Is it necessary for you to have a degree in arts to appreciate the painting of Monalisa?

    REALITY : Normal people who trust their intuition can learn the art of reading the cards very easily. They can master this art too. It’s just that when you have your Clair’s developed maybe your clairvoyant, clairsentient , clairaudient etc then you have an edge over reading the cards. If you are into meditative practices and practice regularly your grip over the cards will be way better.
    So what are you waiting for ? To join my upcoming course you can connect with me asap.
  3. Tarot is supernatural and has magical powers. Tarot cards have magic or supernatural powers as they predict the future.

    REALITY: Frankly Tarot cards are made out of paper pulp like any other cards, they are simple cards which help us by guiding us, showing us the path ahead, helping us in correcting ourselves in the present and learning from our past experiences. The reader has powers which makes us feel that the cards are magical.
  4. The future will be set in stone once we see it in the cards. People are really afraid and fearful to check what lies ahead of them in life, as they believe that once the cards tell them what could happen it will really have to happen like that.

    REALITY: the future is not set in stone. Period.
    We simply take help of the cards to guide us in our actions/karma. It tells us what should we leave behind to make our future the way we want it, also the actions which should be performed to attract and manifest the life which you have dreamt of. It’s not correct to say that the future will be fixed on what the cards reveal to us. Hence we need to bring a shift in our minds by acknowledging the fact that tarot is a tool for guidance and not prediction. So all the ones who have been running away, resisting or avoiding Tarot readings coz of this fear should let themselves free to have a session.
  5. You cannot read the cards or take a session while you’re menstruating.

    REALITY: Tarot cards come from a space of spirituality and not religion. Every religion has their own norms and regulations in regards to many aspects including menstruation. Hence we should not connect the both together and have any such notion. Your mind, body and soul all are connected and are free from such ideologies for tools like Tarot which is totally spiritual and not religious. It’s your own personal choice if you like to follow it, do not take it as a norm.
  6. Death card in the Tarot deck predicts death. I come across many querents who believe and are fearful if they happen to see the death card in their readings. As they believe that it would proceed to someone’s death.

    REALITY: Death card is a card of transformation and change. It know where means death in the family or your own death. It tells you major life lessons are in store which might get revealed at that point in time and which could be life transforming.

    So let’s free ourselves from such myths and enjoy Tarot in their best way possible.

    “Just flow with the energy of Tarot and let the magic happen. “
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