Usually life is a roller coaster ride for all of us, irrespective of our nature of work or profession we are into. It has taken a fixed place in one of the lifestyle challenges we face. From the time we wake up in the morning till the time we retire for the day this is our state of mind and body. Even if our heart and soul want to pause for a second, we quite sub consciously skip that moment. The mind has already ordered the heart not to make such choices and keep up the fast pace with the rest of the body.
As children we always use to hear our parents say that we should “pause for a moment”. Even while having a full glass of milk or water they use to ask us to pause in between at least once. Then it seems like one of the most boring, time wasting, elderly nag which I couldn’t relate to at all. I always kept thinking that they aren’t aware of the number of activities which we need to attend to.  Those activities were already preoccupying the head. Then how could we actually pause for a moment and not do anything.
But I guess these are few lessons which we eventually learn after we have moved ahead and eventually mature in life. Which was then a total waste of time now probably isn’t so at all. Rather I totally feel its importance and its essence in the true sense. When we are talking, we should actually “pause for a moment” to think, structure our thoughts and then share it with others, rather than just say it in a hurry without even thinking what difference it made to any other person listening to it. Slowly, pausing would become a habit and obviously this entire process would also become faster with us b’ cause of practice. We should be rest assured that people who are interested in listening to us would wait for us and not be impatient towards us.
Even in this roller coaster ride, people do respect and follow that person who thinks before talking, which only becomes possible when that person believes in “pausing for a moment” and practices the same too.
Not only while talking, this should also be practiced when we sit in solitude. Various thoughts keep crossing our mind and we hardly focus on any one particular thought. Then it’s actually an achievement when we can pause and stop all the random thoughts and feed energy to one fully positive and crucial thought. With this we utilize our positive energy and also manifest our thoughts in the right direction.
One very crucial moment where we really need to “pause for a moment” is when we are angry or disappointed with someone or maybe because of something. That is the time we need to check ourselves the most before we speak out. As the maximum amount of negativity travels then and we do not have much control over our thoughts and speech then.
If we can “pause for a moment” then, then it  is quite possible for that person to inculcate this as a habit or develop this into his/her second nature.
There are so many situations in life where we realize that had we paused for a moment, we would have saved ourselves from a lot of effort of thinking about some petty issue on a 360 degree scale. Also utilized that same energy somewhere else more positively and creatively.

Try to “pause for a moment” and make things simpler!

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