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OPEN UR CARDS is for all the curious & inquisitive seekers
who believe in karmic well being as well as destiny!


I am Kritie V Rathi, one of a handful of professional Tarot card readers in Kolkata. I entered this field out of curiosity and started practicing it fulltime when I experienced a “genuine spiritual connect” and compatibility with my character in this field.

Let TAROT enter your lives and provide you with MENTORING, SUGGESTIONS & HEALING.


Thanks a lot Kritie, after I got my reading done by you, the first major change I felt was my anxiety has come down a lot as somehow I can see it coming and am able to control it, secondly you were bang on the dot with regard to my relationship problem’s reason which I am trying to put it on the track. All in all I was very satisfied by your reading and confidently recommend you.

co-founder, Book Worm Library

Thank You so very much Kritie Sodhaani for such an amazing tarot card reading session…Will be troubling you very soon 🙂

Vice President, PNR Group

I recommend Kritie strongly to anyone who might have questions which they need answered. Not only does she reflect well what the cards bring forth but help you to come to peace with yourself and the situation you are in. Truly a tarot reader-healer & mentor! All the very best!!!

Founder, Studio Red

The page looks perfect Kriti. I got my reading done by you and to my surprise you have pin pointed things very correctly. After meeting you I am following “B Positive” as my living syndrome. Hats off to you. All the readers who r interested in getting their tarot reading done ‘Kriti’ is the right person. Go ahead. Cheers and wish you luck.

Director, Channel Eight

Hi Kritie it was lovely to sit with you this afternoon and see you read my cards. It has helped me to a great extent understand, how to get better by filling the gaps. The small time pockets which lay empty and the blocks of capabilities unused, your reading has helped me realize and cover all of it and importantly make use of it. Thank you for your time.

Owner, FotoGraffiti

It was a true experience doing Tarot reading with you Kritie! Thank you very much whole heartedly

Vice President Operations, Mega Cabs

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