Hypnotherapy means hypnosis plus therapy. Working on the subconscious mind and the conscious mind where the bridge is formed through hypnosis. The root cause of every illness is physical, mental, emotional or psychological is all based on emotions. That is the core reason. Through hypnosis the therapist works as a facilitator and guides the client to the core issue or the core emotion.

The process of dealing and the road leading to the core emotion is the process of healing for the client. And as the issue has been sorted on the grass root level there are bleak chances of the same problem with the same texture rising again. The therapy works best when the responsibility of healing is taken up by the client himself or herself. The various healing modalities which come under hypnotherapy are Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Paris window, Age Regression.

And any kind of illness can be sorted through this therapy if the client and God will and support.

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