I am Kritie V Rathi, a practitioner of alternative therapies. I am one of a handful of professional Clinical Hypnotherapists and Transpersonal Regression therapists in Kolkata. I am a firm believer of karma & I entered this field out of curiosity and started practicing it fulltime when I experienced a "genuine spiritual connect" and compatibility with my character in this field.

Other than regression therapy, I practice, Angel & Tarot card reading, Chakra healing & balancing, Healing through Crystals, Numerology, Bach Flower remedies, energy healing, mentoring & counselling. I also am facilitating workshops on Angel Therapy & Tarot Card reading, Vision Board manifestation, Chakra healing & Balancing and also Crystal therapy.

I am an MBA graduate and have worked with several MNCs but after having a first hand experience with Tarot reading and mentoring, I felt a strong magnetism towards it which compelled me to take this up on a fulltime basis. I feel a deep connection with the cosmic and spiritual forces when working on predictions. Even though I have just completed a decade in this enchanting world, my predictions and therapies have been accurate and very helpful for a number of individuals from all walks of life and I am humbled to have a growing satisfied clientele, totally with the grace of God.

Through the help of Tarot, I can read a person's present state of mind, his/her past and obviously the future with high accuracy. I can help a person in making the right decisions in life through my predictions, as well as provide them guidance, mentor and counsel them with in depth analysis in spheres related to career, relationships, business problems, marriage alliances, relationship compatibility issues etc. I can assist people find solutions to their troubles and at the same time try to pin point the exact cause to such troubles.

But, then having said all the above, I am just a facilitator who shows you the path; rest is all your choice and karma!