Every day in our life is an event, a time for celebration in one or the other way; it is just how we perceive life and a variety of things which life is composed of. We need to appreciate life to understand the happiness knitted in the nitty-gritty’s of it.
All of us generally & usually have the basic “unsatisfied” nature. How much ever we move ahead in life we keep pushing our goals a few steps ahead. We do not stop and give ourselves the appreciable pat on the back, saying “well done buddy or it was a great job”. Rather we stay unhappy because of all the preconceived notions created by our own selves in regards to being happy. We keep repeating or hearing that we should not worry and try to stay happy but never clearly do we ever take a step towards achieving it. A very basic and simple example to make it clearer is the street beggar whose survival strategy is very simple, not at all complicated and is only for a day. He would never worry for the next day which is supposed to arrive but hasn’t yet arrived. He has a day oriented goal for himself and when he achieves or reaches that, he just simply enjoys it and takes full pleasure in being content. He doesn’t start worrying about the next day to come. He sleeps satisfied at night which how much ever he has received throughout the day and also thanks the Almightyfor the same, and prays to keep him happy. He takes each day as it comes! This teaches us another very important thing that when we worry about a situation which hasn’t taken place or happened, and there isn’t a guarantee of it happening also. We live through the worries in our imagination, we perspire on it, and we fret on it already in our imagination. So basically we have lived through the trouble without even before it really happened in actuality. It has just been created in our reel lives which has a place in our heads. Now, if that problem really happens in real life then it’s the second time we indulging ourselves into trauma, stress, pain and anxiety. Whereas, if in the first place we would have not thought about it in such details we could have saved ourselves from a lot of sadness. Why go through the problem twice, once by living it in the head and twice by actually enduring it.
So, we should make the best efforts to keep ourselves positive. Positivity attracts positivism & negativity pulls negativism. So why pollute our aura when it is way easier to cleanse it by staying positive.
With this I remember a friend of mine, who had the basic nature of thinking negative first irrespective of any situation, positive thoughts had to be pushed into him that too very strongly. It was more like a childhood deficiency in him; which almost made this characteristic inseparable from him. The principle which was applied to him was to show him the larger picture in life. With people like him who readily get attracted to the negatives first and keep believing in them, these people understand the simplest of stuff also in the reverse order. In his case the phrase “DON’T WORRY; BE HAPPY” never worked. He had to be taught to stay focused only on the latter part of the phrase rather than on the first part. He was told to put efforts in just staying happy, by that, the not to worry part was automatically being taken care of.
All of us in some way or the other have to change our attitude towards life in totality, if we want to be happy. This has to be done on the following focal points:
*     Appreciation: Whatever we have achieved in life or received in life from the destiny or the Supreme Power, we should be thankful and grateful towards it. It keeps us focused on what we do have, rather than what we do not have and also helps us stay there. We start counting even the small blessings we keep receiving in our daily lives and which keeps us happy, preoccupied & makes us feel good all the time. The end result to this is a more & more enveloping & omnipresent state of happiness.
*     Believe in yourself: We need to have complete faith & belief in ourselves. Whatever is required to gain success or to be successful in life resides in us. It is like the Magician card from the Tarot deck, who has all the powers residing in him; it is just the positive thought which is required to manifest the dreams into reality. This is the most important factor in our lives.
*      Enjoy every moment of your life: We should try and enjoy every moment of our life to the fullest. Happiness isn’t a destination which we would reach after walking along the path, but it’s the path itself. Finding and sensing happiness in the smallest of ways is the way to live life. It’s the journey which makes us a richer in experiences .Take pleasures in all the small things, actions which create the path to the final destination, the ultimate goal of life. Do not skip these small yet important pleasures in search of the destination.
*      Keep it simple: Think simple, live simple, be simple, enjoy simple stuff like listening to a song wholeheartedly, painting a portrait, sharing a laugh with someone, reading a poem and gauging the beauty of it, watching a bud bloom into a fully fledged flower or it could also be watching the rising Sun which brings in all hope and positivity. Live life as if there is no tomorrow, and this is the last moment of being totally ALIVE!
Finally we should make a conscious decision of staying happy by “CHOICE”. We need to believe in the point that we want to stay happy, it should be embedded in our genes that whatever happens we would stay happy. No situation should be able to move us from this happy state. Whatever tragic happens should affect us in a minimal way that too only superficially. Our basic layer of happiness should not be tarnished even by a fraction.
This conscious effort of staying “happy by choice” is & also should be made the “thumb rule for life”.
Invite, embrace happiness to your lives & it would multiply out of proportion in all directions enveloping you completely!
Happy Exploring!
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