Terms and Conditions

Tarot Readings

Privacy Statement

All readings and information provided by my clients are treated with the strictest confidence. I will never pass on your personal information to anybody else. This also includes your contact information such as e-mail address, telephone number etc.

Code of Ethics

  • As a compassionate Tarot reader, I am open-minded and non-judgmental treating all my clients with courtesy and respect.

  • My readings are carried out with integrity; total honesty about skills and abilities is maintained. If I feel I cannot help you with a question or concern, I will inform you.

  • I have a genuine intention to help you with your situation; my readings contain a lot of practical and down-to-earth advice.

  • If appropriate, I will suggest my client to contact professional help in matters such as legal, financial or health as I do not have formal qualifications in these fields.

  • I do not knowingly read for clients under the age of 18.

  • All my readings are carried out by myself.

  • I will answer any questions, which may arise from a reading, as well as provide any necessary clarification. Feedback from clients is important to me; I am happy to discuss any further issues considered part of the same reading.


My readings are for guidance purposes only; your decision to act upon any advice given in my readings is your responsibility and based on your free will.

By purchasing a reading from me, you agree that you will not hold me responsible for the actions you take as a result of my reading.